It’s that time of year again already and with Christmas now only just around the corner, we’ve been exploring the best festive displays that our vibrant city of Birmingham has to offer.

It’s safe to say the busiest shopping period of the year is well and truly underway, and retailers are in full swing with an array of imaginative and creative window displays popping up throughout the city centre!

So without further ado, check out our top 3 festive faves...

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je+1 Christmas in Birmingham
je+1 Christmas in Birmingham


We just love these adorable window displays at the new Tiffany store in Selfridges. Featuring little artist manikins with a Tiffany twist - one finished in the famous Tiffany blue and the other in silver - we love how cleverly each display has been staged, giving real personality and humour to the manikin scenes. Just perfect to create those truly festive feels! 

je+1 Christmas in Birmingham
je+1 Christmas in Birmingham


Coming closely behind in second place is the Selfridges festive display. This year we see the retailer create a fantastically theatrical display, with an enormous and glistening gold cracker taking centre stage surrounded by elegantly dressed, circus themed mannequins. 


Last, but most certainly not least, is the Jigsaw window display! We love how creative the display is - bright, bold, patterned and eye catching, along with a generous dose of humour. And although we may still not be quite sure about the lobster connection, it sure is one of the enjoyable and on trend displays. We love it! 

je+1 Christmas in Birmingham

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