H&M Home has arrived in The Bullring; the 3rd UK store opening and 1st outside of London.

Walking into the Bullring you immediately see the store as the dark shopfront stands off from the light finish of the shopping centre. This is something we’re extremely conscious of as Retail Designers for our Furniture and Homeware clients.

Whether your store is in a Shopping Centre or on the High Street, we all know Retailers need to stand out from the crowd; but this can sometimes be more of a challenge for Homeware Brands in comparison to Fashion. Mainly due to the scale of their product.

We always encourage our clients to approach their Shopfront Design as a Fashion Retailer would to ensure their brand stands out and works as hard as it can to impress customers.

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je+1 H&M Home
je+1 H&M Home

From the beginning of this retail journey H&M Home have set the perfect scene for expectations, and they do not disappoint.

The window displays allow us to view a vast array of product which have been merchandised thoughtfully to promote the current seasonal theme – Christmas! The Window Designs also don’t completely block the view into the store, which is something we also encourage for Home Brands.

The entrance is inviting; it is defined with a double door reminiscent of that of an exclusive home or hotel. They’ve done this so well it was just missing a porter holding it open and welcoming you in…

When you walk into the store the thing that struck me was the smell.  It smelt incredible, very welcoming and homely in a subtle way. We have worked closely with some of our clients when creating their Store Interior Design, to choose the scent that works for them, and it is by no means an easy task. The sense of smell is closely linked with our memories and therefore you want a smell that will evoke positive memories and not be off putting in the slightest.

The Lighting Design across the store interior is done very well too.  High level Track Lighting with adjustable Spots Lights are perfect for this kind of store to pinpoint product and ensure displays are well lit. The flexibility of Track Lighting is also a must for stores selling Homewares so everything is changeable to suit new trends and seasonal displays.

je+1 H&M Home
je+1 H&M Home
je+1 H&M Home
je+1 H&M Home

Throughout the store you can really see the Shop-fittings and Fixtures have been considered to work with the different products. This is something we’re really focused on to provide the best Joinery Design. Features such as the pull-out drawers work nicely to allow the customer to find the size they need without necessarily messing up the entire display.

All of the finishes chosen for the Store Design really work well and the mix between light and dark to define areas without the need for wayfinding and signage is refreshing!

A lot of stores selling Homeware and Furniture who’s Store Designers work more traditionally with Fashion or Tech Brands, seem to overdo the messaging and signage which isn’t always necessary to define areas and tell a story! H&M have got it right here with a simple palette

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Faux planting throughout the store helped break up any potential ‘hard’ surfaces, and is very on trend. It’s so nice to use plants to add texture into an Interior Design scheme and this was a great way to showcase the escalator and direct customers down to the lower floor.

The introduction of Bunches, an in-house florist was a lovely touch.  How often do you want to finish your room with the perfect flower arrangement having bought all the accessories? A perfect addition and cleverly adds another service in store to attract customers!
There’s so much more to say about this store, and we were seriously geeking out!

As a Retail Design Agency and Interior Designers, we felt the store was a triumph, and as a customer I can’t wait to go back and make some purchases!From what was seen, H&M are doing HOME really well and, in a sett

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je+1 H&M Home

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