je+1 were recently finalists in the Northern Design Awards’ Interior Design Project of the Year for the Terrace Café & Restaurant.

Following the project’s success, we wanted to ask Associate Designer Jarod Griffiths and Designer Charlie Davies about the project, and the other work they’ve been doing at je+1 in 2019.

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je+1 je+1 Team Spotlight
je+1 je+1 Team Spotlight

The Café was part of Dixons Homestore in Workington Cumbria, how did the project with Dixons come about?


JG: We were initially approached by Dixons to look at all aspects of their Brand and Stores, with the first being their Homestore which had some vacated store space beside.

The store is within a Shopping Centre l so we all felt there was a good opportunity there to expand their store by adding a Café.

The Café space has access from the main Mall, through Dorothy Perkins on the lower level and also through the Dixons store; so taking advantage of that to drive footfall into their store was priceless!



How did you approach the design and present the scheme? Was it a lengthy process?

CD: The space where the café was being considered had an existing ‘balcony’ area that overlooked the main Mall, which seemed like a really good attraction to the place.
That was the real starting point to the design as the client really wanted to utilise the area. We put together proposals for the Café’s Brand while we did some initial research into cafes/bars, and it soon became ‘The Terrace Café & Restaurant’ with clear link the ‘outside’ balcony seating area.

je+1 je+1 Team Spotlight
je+1 je+1 Team Spotlight




CD: We wanted to really push the outside terrace idea so we were quite inspired by modern interiors with a botanical style.

We designed the scheme with a combination of space planning and developing the design in 3D.
We presented our scheme through mood boards and finishes boards as well as creating visuals of the space to propose our ideas.

je+1 je+1 Team Spotlight

What was the most challenging part, and what did you enjoy most about the project?

JG: I think the most challenging part was possibly the timescale, as this needed to be turned around really quickly to take advantage of the vacant space. We always push ourselves and challenge ourselves to produce the best designs possible though so this was no different.

The project was a pleasure to work on, especially with such forward thinking clients who understand that sometimes reinvention is what is needed to be a successful retailer.

Dixons are great to work with and they’re always really receptive to new thinking. Of course, also seeing the project realised was really good too!

je+1 je+1 Team Spotlight
je+1 je+1 Team Spotlight



How did it feel being nominated for an award with your design?

CD: It’s been really nice to have positive feedback from the client and customers when we visit the cafe, but to be nominated for a design award is amazing.

JG: It’s always great to get some recognition for our work but the attention the Terrace Café got alongside the awards was really good to see.



Were all of those disciplines utilised for the project or did you work alongside other Consultants?

JG: From Brand creation to Interior Concept and Completion this was all in-house. As well as the Interior we designed the bespoke fixtures and furniture, the signage and Lighting scheme. The lighting was supplied by iGuzzini and worked out really well. The freestanding furniture was also supplied by Satelliet which was a really nice quality.

je+1 je+1 Team Spotlight
je+1 je+1 Team Spotlight





Not only did you do the interiors, but you also did the graphic design. Is this something you are going to do more of?

CD: It’s great when we can work on Branding and Graphic Design alongside the interior of a project.

Once the name was agreed we created the Logo and Signage. This then progressed to producing the table menus and menu sign boards which complement the interior scheme.

JG: We’ve had a lot of opportunities to do that element of work this year and hope it continues.




With je+1 being part of John Evans Interior Architecture & Design, we can sometimes be seen ‘traditionally’ as Interior Designers but that’s not all that we can offer clients.

Occasionally we collaborate with Creative Agencies for clients but where possible we like to take on the complete project, to produce the overall brand appearance.

We’re also Retail Consultants who have been working with leading brands for many years though. There’s a great team of Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, Lighting Designers, Furniture Designer and Architectural technologists here; so we can take on the majority of elements for our projects.





What else have you been working on in 2019 for je+1?

JG: It’s been a really busy year at je+1 with lots of exciting developments happening with our new and existing clients.

There’s been quite a large store refit programme with DFS, we’ve worked on some great projects for Bensons for Beds and some of the other exciting things for 2019 for me has been the amount of new clients we’ve met, who are all Independent Retailers. With what we have ongoing, 2020 is going to be even busier!






CD: There has been quite a few new clients this year that we’ve been able to work together for. Mostly Home and Department stores such as Dixons Home following on from the café completion, Glasswells, Rodgers of York and Cousins. We’ve both continued to work with Harveys and Bensons for Beds this year too, while also creating and completing a new showroom for a high end Tiles and Bathrooms Retailer in London. 

je+1 je+1 Team Spotlight

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