Earlier this year we were approached by Carl Hansen, a family owned Danish Furniture Company based in Aarup on the island of Fumen.

The company is behind many classical furniture designs by leading figures of the Danish modern movement, beside collaborating with contemporary designers.

Working with their in-house designer Despina Curtis on their new showroom in Pimlico and helping to make it happen has been an absolute pleasure, as a great admirer of their ranges of furniture John and his team worked with Despina to achieve the balance that the furniture needed to display the pieces correctly.


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je+1 Carl Hansen & Son
je+1 Carl Hansen & Son
je+1 Carl Hansen & Son

We were essentially given a white box to start with and tasked with creating an intimate showroom worthy of been given the title of the new flagship store for the U.K.

Due to the stores prominent location on Pimlico Road we were asked provide the existing shop front with a new look that would both allow the store to look at home next to its peers but also stand out enough to attract clientele who may not be aware of the brand.

To achieve this we organised the installation of new signage and traditional awnings which helped to give character in keeping with the age and style of the building and the surrounding area. Within the store we designed raised platforms to either of side front entrance so the Client can showcase their furniture better.

Pale timber floor coupled with flat painted dark coloured walls and wall tiles have created a perfect setting for displaying the furniture. Sheer curtains provide breaks and backdrops to the windows and act as screens for specific areas to be closed off but retain a hint of what is beyond.

je+1 Carl Hansen & Son
je+1 Carl Hansen & Son

Carl Hansen created their own centre point to the store by providing an antique side board that was originally owned by company director; Knud Erik Hansen, with the addition of a new oak counter top the unit was carefully altered to accommodated an Apple Mac computer.

We were asked to design a bespoke kitchen area which would provide an area for staff and clients to take refreshments and to showcase the multiple uses of original Danish furniture items such as the Mogens Koch cabinets and bookcases. The main feature of the kitchen design was a fully tiled island unit to house a wine cooler, additional fridges and again included the stylish MK units provided by Carl Hansen.

je+1 Carl Hansen & Son

Existing structural columns with internal rainwater pipes connected to them were located through the centre of the space so we were asked to hide these by encasing them in circular and D shaped structures that created almost abstract shapes within the store which Carl Hansen could then pick out in bold colours to contrast against the pale timber tones of the furniture on display.

A combination of recess and surface mounted track lighting supplied by Fagerhult was specified to give flexibility to the layout of the store with the display lighting chosen specifically to show off the furniture to its best advantage. Louis Poulsen also provided accent fittings which Carl Hansen positioned throughout to add atmosphere and these are also available to buy.

je+1 Carl Hansen & Son

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