John Lewis opened its doors this time last week to their 50th store in Westfield London. The store is part of a new 740,000sqft expansion of the shopping centre which will see thousands of new jobs created. The new store has opened six months ahead of schedule and spans over four levels, with the store itself being 230,000sqft. Westfield’s new expansion will make it the largest shopping centre in Europe which means it will be the place to shop!

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je+1 New store lookout
je+1 New store lookout

Consumer patterns are changing seeing a decline in footfall on high streets and shopping centres  which is why John Lewis are offering customers something quite different, making shopping more of an experience than ever before. The store features various means of new technology, and interactive elements which aim to give the customer a brand new experience every time they visit the store.


The new ‘Discovery Room’ and ‘Style Studio’ give shoppers the chance to learn skills or advice on anything, and can have one-on-one or group fashion consultations. There are also five personal stylists to hand who offer beauty and make-up advice; which can even include afternoon tea if you plan to make a day of it! With social media playing such a big part in today’s society they have introduced ‘Instagram Moments’ giving customers the chance to share their shopping experience; with a figure of an acrobat being the focus for this season.

je+1 New store lookout
je+1 New store lookout

When shoppers first enter the store they are reminded that their store and staff ‘shares the same standards of quality, value and service that have set us apart since 1864’. ‘Post’ store customer service has also been emphasised in store; where a new app has been developed which enables constant contact and support with the customer after they have purchased an item, if they wish so. Customers will also be informed by text or email about upcoming products or events likely to interest them, based on their preferences. Another advance in technology sees the new Apple Smart Home centre, which demonstrates three entire rooms (entrance, living and bedroom) all controlled by Apple’s Siri, with technicians on hand to come and install anything you like the look of in your home.


A clever way of ensuring customers will have to shop in John Lewis, is by them increasing their own product range displayed on the shop floor, over other brands which you can purchase at other retailers. With the internet being an instant point of call for customers, who can easily compare prices of branded products at the click of a button, this means if the products aren’t competitively priced then shoppers will go elsewhere. Therefore if John Lewis can offer similar products at a more competitive price then this could have a positive impact for them, ensuring shoppers can’t go to other retailers.

The stores motto is ‘do, learn, and shop’, which creates an exciting and different shopping experience for its customer every time they visit the store. Could this be the beginning of a new type of store to sweep our high streets, which sees the increase in

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je+1 New store lookout

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