Dedicated online fashion brand, ‘Too Hot’ specialises in iconic 80’s vintage clothing and the pieces are sourced from around the world, Je+1 worked with the brand as they took their first steps into a physical retail space. We were responsible for the Design, Project Management and Installation of a pop-up within the prestigious Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, Manchester and flagship Birmingham stores.

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je+1 Too Hot in Birmingham

To represent Too Hot’s urban brand identity we designed the pop-up with an industrial look, creating free standing feature panels in strand board and used a scaffold display system. The simple nature of the displays allowed the bold colours of the clothing to stand proud and particularly special pieces are given a prominent position on a rotating display stand. We were aware that the pop-up was to be installed at a series of locations and designed it to be dismantled into manageable components by using the scaffold display system for the majority of the construction. This allowed much of the stand to be completely disassembled and easily transported. 

‘Too Hot’ has a particularly strong identity online with its black and white logo and bold colours. We were confident the pieces themselves would allow the pop-up to stand out but wanted to reinforce the brands identity with it being new to the high street. To do so graphic banners where installed and vinyl logos were applied to walls, fixtures and the floor. Projection was also used in the Knightsbridge store to showcase fashion videos that inspired the brand to provide a further layer to the pop-up and introduce new customers.

je+1 Too Hot in Birmingham
je+1 Too Hot in Birmingham

Each store provided its own unique challenges with the space in the Knightsbridge store being located across multiple floor levels and having two prominent entrance positions. The design of the pop-up and its component nature allowed us to adapt to each store environment and by using graphics in various ways we ensured the pop-up maintained a strong store presence.

‘Too Hot’ had a successful first foray into physical retail and the brands attracted new customers to their collections including Liam Gallagher formerly of Oasis who recently wore a piece purchased from the Birmingham stores to his gig in the same city.


je+1 Too Hot in Birmingham

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