With a glorious weekend of sunshine ahead, we thought what better way to get people in the mood for summer, than sharing some of our favourite spring/summer window displays in our latest blog. The floral arrangements and bold colours would certainly brighten up any day. 

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je+1 Spring to Summer

1. Miller Harris, Covent Garden (London)

As part of Covent Gardens ‘In Bloom Campaign’, celebrating the area’s history as London’s former flower market, perfumery Miller Harris gave Prop Studios the task of creating a floral window display and in-store installation. An array of faux flowers intertwined with floral accents from a variety of their scents; create a bold and fresh display on both interior and exterior. The neon sign brings the window display right on trend, with the faux flowers keeping the bohemian spirit of the company at the forefront of the display.

We love… how the neon sits so comfortably within the similarly coloured flowers, whilst also contrasting so well against the darke

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2. Michael Kors, Spring Windows (New, York)

The ‘Flower Wall’ concept for Michael Kors’ latest window displays in New York are all about ‘Powerful Romance’, bringing to life 2D shapes to create a three-dimensional display where the bright colours and bold prints of the seasons collection can pop. The idea was to create individual blooms in a variety of sizes that give the effect of an actual field of flowers. Each of the flowers were made using a lightweight material and applied individually by hand, to give the backdrop a random but soft and delicate feel.

We love… how effective a white backdrop can be in creating a standout window display!

je+1 Spring to Summer
je+1 Spring to Summer

3. Kiehl’s Floral Installation, by Prop Studios (London)

For their first ever ‘Chelsea in Bloom installation’, as part of the annual floral art show Prop Studios were invited to create a floral installation for Kiehl’s which tied in with this year’s theme of ‘Floral Safari’. Using a bespoke wooden trellis for the framework, Prop Studios sourced Osteospermum flowers, which come in various tones of blue, pink and yellow, forming the colourful ‘sunset’ backdrop. Dark silhouettes of giraffes set the scene of an African Safari and created a stark contrast to the bright flowers behind. The design celebrated the brands heritage, community spirit, sustainability and love of natural ingredients.

We love… the way the floral display creates a threshold, inviting customers to ‘discover’ the i

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4. Harvey Nichols, Joys of Spring Windows (London)

London based artists Hsiao-Chi and Kimiya Tsai-Yoshikawa have collaborated with Harvey Nichols to create a vibrant window display in celebration of the joys of spring, 10 years on from their first project together. Ten of the original fixtures taken from their window display in 2007 have been featured. The aluminium pieces were hand bent into organic 3D shapes and hung with multi-coloured chains, with each window featuring an original piece from the artists.

We love… the bold colours, movement and organic shapes, perfect to get you ready for summer!

je+1 Spring to Summer

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