Carl Hansen & Søn represents over 100 years of Danish design history with their furniture being sold all over the world. Internationally renowned and family owned, the Danish Furniture Company are based in Aarup on the Island of Fumen.


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The company is behind many classical furniture designs by leading figures of the Danish modern movement, beside collaborating with contemporary designers.

Working with their in-house designer Despina Curtis on their new Pimlico Showroom, we were tasked with creating an intimate showroom worthy of been given the title of their new flagship store for the U.K.

The building period frontage was restored with new signage and awnings being selected while simple window displays were curated to showcase product.

Pale timber floors, from the same timber as their furniture was coupled with flat decorated walls were chosen to provide a simple backdrop for displaying the furniture.

Also designed was a bespoke Kitchen area which would provide an area for staff and clients while showcasing Danish Cabinets and Bookcases.

Carl Hansen created their own centre point to the store by providing an antique side board that was originally owned by company director; Knud Erik Hansen, with the addition of a new oak counter top the unit was carefully altered to provide a Reception.

What ourclient thought

The project with Carl Hansen & Son was a great success while working alongside their Visual Merchandiser Despina for their Flagship Showroom in London.

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