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Transforming Customer Experiences In-Store

Established in 1985, Cousins are the largest family-run Independent Furniture Retailer in the Midlands.In recent years we've been working with them to transform their stores throughout the region and create a complete shopping experience for their customers.


Insights, Strategy, Branding, Concept Design, Interior Design, Communications, POS, Digital Applications, Bespoke Applications, Project Management, Visual Merchandising


Through our connection with the Associated Independent Stores Group and a Retail Design seminar held by us during their annual conference, we were approached by Cousins Furniture to reimagine their stores during a major rebrand.

Their new brand had been launched to give them more appeal in alternate parts of the marketplace and we were challenged to raise the level of their stores to match that.

The first developments made involved a new offering of furniture that can be tailored to their customers’ requirements, and manufactured within the region.  The Cousins Bespoke Collection was created as a new in-store brand where new departments were designed to act as a Shop-In-Shop environment.

From initial brief of the proposition the overall story, tone and look of the departments were created by us through the design of Branding, Communications and Interior Design. The designs have an authentic and crafted feel that exhibits Cousins Heritage and confidence.

Whilst their new brand provided a new look for the retailer, Cousins also recognised that the first impressions when entering their stores needed to equal that.

The redesign of their ‘reception’ spaces was also carried out where we wanted to transform the way Cousins is perceived when entering their stores.

A central hub was designed to highlight all of the products that are available in store. An area that is flexible to changeable products, seasons and offers was created where ‘impulse buy’ accessories, seen throughout the store, could be purchased.

The stores main Receptions were moved to be insight of the Entrance while clear way-finding was included and linked to other key departments throughout the stores.

Since that time our partnership has evolved from seeing us redesign much their showrooms, creating new in-store brands, destinations and departments and restaurants, to more recently create a new external presentation across their sites.

To coincide with developments to their interior and brand, the exterior of their stores are being transformed through new facades and architectural improvements designed by je+1.

What ourclient thought

''Cousins are continuing to redevelop their stores and business with je+1 and have been encouraged by the progress made, showing a great Return on Investment''

— John Shotton (Managing Director)

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