Sofa Workshop offer their customers the luxury of creating a unique piece of furniture that is tailored to their style & comfort.

It's this bespoke experience that inspired Je+1 to develop a new concept to echo this ethos within their stores.

The journey of the store is centered around the 'Fabric Area'. This houses a large tailors style table where customers can lay out their desired fabrics for consideration whilst receiving a tailor made design service from the team.

The area also offers; an array of fabric books set on a wall mounted unit, a selection of large fabric browsers to sample together with a cushion & throw unit for the finishing touches.

These combined elements create an area where the customer can truly customise their bespoke piece of furniture.

After completing a refit in Tottenham Court Road, we w

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je+1 Sofa Workshop Nationwide
Sofa Workshop Nationwide
Sofa Workshop Nationwide
Sofa Workshop Nationwide
je+1 Sofa Workshop Nationwide

je+1 created and designed our new store concept which we launched at our flagship store. We're delighted with the greatly improved kerb appeal, stunning interior and how beautifully our products are now showcased. The concept delivers huge regard for our premium brand and under pins our heritage. We have noticed instant and impressive returns and are rolling out je+1's concept to both new and existing stores.

Paul Staden
Sofa Workshop

 Sofa Workshop Nationwide

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