A brand-new store format bringing national retailer Topps Tiles to the high street. These small format stores are designed to create a more intimate and aspirational shopping experience showcasing the best of Topps Tiles product range.


Insights, Strategy, Concept Design, Interior Design, Fixture Design & Detailing, Prototyping, Communications, Bespoke Applications, Project Management,


In collaboration with Topps Tiles, we were responsible for realising the brands ideas through Interior Design, Spatial Planning, Lighting Design, Detailed Fixture Design and Development and Delivery.

The journey through the store is centred around a large consultation desk where customers are invited to discuss their ideas whilst receiving specialist design advice.

Topps Tiles Samples

What ourclient thought

"From Concept to seeing the pilot store’s success, the Boutique format has expanded to many areas within the UK. The end result provided a new marketplace to explore with much of its design now being implemented within all Topps Tiles stores, not only the Boutiques"

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